Preparation Meeting

We discuss your goals for the shoot. This is done in a face-to-face meeting or through email correspondence.

Topics covered:
1. What style do you prefer (provide samples if necessary)
2. What emotions do you wish the subject / product to convey?
3. What emotions do you want the viewer to feel?
4. Additional information for editing purposes
5. Payment, contract and deadlines for final product delivery


Darren Chandler camera

Shooting Day

It's photography time!

For models, a typical shoot lasts 2 to 3 hours. I recommend sessions not exceeding 4 hours. 

For food and still life shoots, the photography session will depend on how many pictures are required, the usage of props and the involvement of chefs and food stylists. 

Location and time will be decided during the prior meeting.


All photography packages include basic Lightroom editing adjustments.

You may request the raw files, but check the usage terms in the contract, as editing and selling the photography to third parties may violate terms in the contract. 

LR work
PS work


Optional retouching packages are available using Photoshop Basic version spotting layer only. Premium version includes spotting layer, cross-hairs, background changes and colour correction (samples required).

Please check the pricing table for the costs of retouching. 

Have a look at my retouching samples do determine whether your images may need some post-processing. 

Product Delivery

Your files and / or prints.

Approve delivery by signing the Product Delivery Contract 



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Begin The Process

Call or email me to schedule a meeting. 

Need some ideas? Take a look at my portfolio

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